Grammy Award Winner, Jerome Harmon, on Producing Beyonce’s Drunk in Love

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Article Date: May 14, 2014

Author: Rounik Sethi


Grammy Award Winning Producer and Musician, Jerome Harmon (J-Roc) shares his production techniques and experience working with Beyonce on her self-titled album and talks music tech and education.

It’s not every day you win a Grammy. Jerome Harmon, also known as J-Roc, has won two! Just days before the 2015 Grammy Awards, we spoke to Jerome about his rise to the top, his personal studio techniques, his love of synths, and of course his work with Beyonce and his productions on her self-titled album, including “Partition” and “Drunk in Love” (which was awarded Best R&B Song, 2015).

No matter what style of music you’re into, if you’re interested in music production this interview is a must-read.

Ask: Did you get into music at an early age?

J-Roc: I’d consider that music got into me. I come from a musical family of doo-wop singers back in the late ’ 60s. And when they had me I guess I became their little project. When I was 3, I started playing drums. I played at my mom’s church where she was a minister. About the age of 9 while at church I bet my older brother I could play the song, “Lean on Me”. That’s when my mom discovered I could play, and in the next week or so she bought me an old upright piano I could beat the crap out of and that’s how I honed my skills!

I played at church and in jazz bands when I was 10. I became well advanced quickly at an early age. From there I got into liking a lot of horn players like David Sanborn. I picked up my teacher’s saxophone and just started playing. I was playing three different instruments before I was 12. I began growing as I’d been playing with a lot